A robot can read the mind – Diwakar Vaish delivers guest lecture to IIT Hyderabad

Robot Show, A robot can read the mind”—a guest lecture by Diwakar Vaish, a 22 years old New Delhi based Robot Researcher and head of A Set Training & Research Institute to be held at IIT Hyderabad (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad) Ordnance Factory Estate. Yeddumailaram on Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th at 12noon. It is jointly organised by IIT Hyderabad and A Set Training & Research Institute, New Delhi, India’s first and only Institute to start training in the field of humanoid robots. Diwakr Vaish has been programming and designing different robots for the past four years. These robots range from simple Aurdino bots upto development of full scale humanoid robots.

Diwakar Vaish, who set up his own training which is first of its kind in the field of humanoid robots. A humanoid robot is a robot with its body shape built to resemble that of the human body. A humanoid design might be for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes.

Diwakar Vaish

Diwakar Vaish

He has built a fully programmed robot that not only walks like a human but also does bhangra and play football. He has also developed another land survelillance robot and mind sensing robot that can read the human mind.

Diwakar has coordinated his robot with a device that reads mind and can sense what a person is thinking. He described “Lts say a person is thirsty, the robot will automatically get to know that the person is thirsty and will get a glass of water for that person who is wearing that mind sensing device”. Diwakar says, it is the future of the robotcs and everything in this world can be controlled by this technology.

Diwakar has been giving lecturs at various IITs at Roorkee, Kharagpur, Kanpur, IIT BHU, IIT Guwahati and VIT Vellore and Engineering colleges across the country. He started his own institute at the age of 18years. And has been working extensively and he wants to spread the knowledge of robotics to each every student in India.

The robots are equipped with a mind sensing device which can sense brain waves and know what the person wearing the device on his head wants to do next. He has also recently made an Unmanned Ground Vehicle named Versatile. This robot is one of its kind as it can change itws own shape according to the situations.

“I am running an institution named A-SET Robotics, which I started when i was 18 years old, back in 2010. Here we teach from 4th grade onwards till Ph.D students about Robotics and simultaniously we are researching over different robots”, informs Diwakar very modestly.

Children have an unusual curiosity of knowing how things work, even i had the same thing in my mind. But thanks to my parents who let me open and break almost all electronic equipments in my house. Wether it be telephone, TV, tape recorder or anything else. I just kept opening it.

When I grew up I used to compete in a lot of inter-shool robotics competition which led me to think deeply in this field. It was back in 2009 when i first won an international competition which took off all the fear of faliture from inside me. My parents were also confident about my skills till then. I asked them if they can lend me some money to import parts for a robot that i was thinking to build. Without a single hesitation they gave me all the support i needed. I programmed the robot and soon everything took off when that robot faced the camera of news channels and my journey started off. At that point it was like a dream. I never programmed the robot to be famous, it was just the curiosity that was there in me since childhood that gave me the inspiration of making it. The only support that was there with me at the point I was making the Robot was the moral support of parents. I thought to help other students who are just like me but are not able to get a platform. So i started an institute specially for robotics. Since then i have been teaching students as wells as researching on robots. I have been giving lectures to IIT’s, VIT, BIT, IIIT and other top institutions all across India.