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Forbes Marshall Technology Centre at the IIT Madras Research Park

Steam engineering Energy Management and Controls and Instrumentation company Forbes Marshal has set up its Technology Centre at the IIT Madras Research Park. The centre was inaugurated by Farhad Forbes and Dr. Naushad Forbes, Directors, in the presence of their key technologists Datta Kuvalekar, Neville Fernandes, Kamlesh Pande, Virendra Gill, Mehul Vaidya, D Gnansambandam and Piyush Jaitly. The centre will be led by Dr. Satyanarayan Seshadri.

The centre has been set up to develop new technologies and products in the Forbes Marshall domain of Steam and Instrumentation. The inauguration was preceded by a half-day session with the Director of IIT Madras Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Dean ICSR Dr. Krishnan Balasubramaniam and key faculty members Dr. Kolar, Dr Reddy, Dr. Mahesh and others.

Dr. Naushad Forbes said “Our company works closely with Research Institutes and this collaboration with IIT Madras has great potential for combining the Institute’s academics with Forbes Marshall’s application and industrial knowledge, to develop innovative and cutting edge technologies that will change the way process plants generate and use energy and control their processes.”

The IIT Madras Research Park is modelled along the lines of successful research parks at Stanford and MIT and has a larger agenda that focuses not just on incubation efforts but also on propelling successful innovation in established R&D focused companies. IIT Madras Research Park facilitates a collaborative relationship between Industry and IIT Madras. It connects industry personnel to the “innovation inputs” of knowledge and acts as a catalyst for radical, high-tech development.