Careers in Pharmacagonsy – mother of all Pharmacy

Pharmacognosy, the science of medicines derived from natural sources is mother of all branches of Pharmacy. It is a vital like of Ayurvedic and Allopathy. It deal with modern approach to the utilization of Medicines derived from plants, animals and Mineral sources. Phramacognsy is increasingly used in neutraceuticals (deals in food nutrition values that combines nutrition and pharmaceuticals) and Cosemeceuticals (combination of Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals) says Prof (Dr.) Chandrakanth Kokate, Father of Indian Pharmacognosy and former President of Pharmacy Council of India while speaking on the sidelines of the 3 Day Global Meet on Pharmacognosy in Hyderabad today..

Speaking further about the speicialistion of Pharmacognosy, he said India has about 1080 Pharmaceutical colleges. Out of which a large number of 300 plus colleges are located in Andhra Pradesh alone. Pharmacognsy is taught in all the Undergraduate level, he said.

Pharmacognosy is one of the most important sciences. It is commonly known us science of medicine
derived from natural sources. which introduces many new molecules in the medical world. It is a multidisciplinary branch of science, which utilizes concepts of biology, chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, photochemistry, analytical chemistry etc.. It deal with the medicinal potential of natural sources. This branch of science is credited for supplying highest number of lead molecules to address various human diseases. Several classical examples of blockbuster natural molecules like taxol, vincristine, quinine, cocaine, morphine etc. are testimony of this fact informed DR. Srinubabu Gedala, Chairman and CEO of OMICS Group International which is orgnaising this rare global meet in Hyderabad

OMICS Group is the major Indias major publishing house of 350 scientific Open Source Scientific Journals. The group is celebrating Open Access Week from 21-26 Oct at Pharmacog-2013 conference in Hyderabad.

Lot of interests has been grown in Pharmaceutical industries for drug development from natural source in the past couple of years.

Pharmacognosist as Phytochemist has an important position in modern medicine. Equally important is the role clinically to link Past with future in Indian traditional systems.

Nearly 300 professionals, students, researchers, scientists from 15 countries are participating in onf the its kind global meet on Pharmacognosy in Hyderabad.

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