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1) Education India News reserves the right to publish the release it or not.
2) Education India News may modify the press release.
3) Education India News will decide the duration it will be displayed.

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Guest Articles

Our readers like original content. If readers want to showcase their writing talent, they are welcome. We have been publishing occasional articles by experts and college students. The contribution is gratis and we own the rights once published.

Few Guidelines for sending us your write ups:

1) Be Original : Why waste time writing borrowed article’s?
2) Be legally Aware: There is a very fine line between criticism and slander.
3) Use Words : Don’t waste them.
4) Word Limit : There is none. Please refer point 3).
5) Avoid Links : Avoid links in the article. We do not publish them.
6) Authenticity : Be authentic
7) Self promotion : Everybody detests it
8) Uniqueness : The article must be unique for Frontier India.

About Yourself : Send us a brief description about yourself and a recent photograph. Readers would like to know about you.

Please be sure to add your legal address and contact numbers.

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