SUCCESS : Typical Indian Student – Vanshika


MARKS : CBSE 12 class with 90% and 10 CGPA in 10th class

AWARD : From zila yuva vikas sanghthan for AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (In the field of education).

SCHOOL :Angels Public School. Barara.Ambala (Haryana)


I am vanshika pahwa. I have passed my 12 class with 90% and i got 10 cgpa in 10th class.I have cleared my education from Angels Public School. I belong to a very small town called Barara district Ambala.
Now i am going to tell about my success story till now.
My life has been a bumpy roller coaster ride all through. With highs and lows I’ve got more than I ever wished for, all I did was analysing every opportunity that was coming my way and grabing it . I’m being awarded by my school as student of the year and many more prestigious position. From being the vice captain of the school to handling different events being held at school, I always believed that the hurdles coming my way are not any bad fortune but an opportunity of exploring myself more and realizing that troubles are what make you strong. Some keys of my achievements were 1) communication – i used to talk to my mom, my best friend, and all my loved and dear ones ,whenever I used to feel low
2) self knowledge – i explored myself and found what’s good for me, because nobody in this entire universe can tell you what’s good for you. You know the best for yourself.
3) hard and smart work- i always remained dedicated to my goal, I did face many failures but to be very true those failures were something that helped me to grow and to learn
4) continuity – going with the flow and keep on moving no matter how hard it gets. , having faith and keeping faith on god.

5) believe in yourself -My journey was different ,like all of you have, different struggles, even though you come up strong Everytime, so always have faith in yourself and love yourself, . Be proud of the strong you.

And i got the award from zila yuva vikas sanghthan for AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (In the field of education). it was the very nice experience.
And i will always try to give my best like the way i did till now.

I wants to become Acturial.

Be like a bamboo tree- bend but don’t break


Reported By: Guddu Bajpai (Educationist)

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