Report of the National Task Force on Geospatial Education in India

A report on “Geospatial Education” by Dr K Kasturirangan, Member Planning Commission who headed the National Task Force on ‘Evolving Geospatial Strategy’ was presented to the Union Minister for Human Resource Development.

Geospatial Technology facilitates planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects of national importance. Realizing the significance of Geospatial Education, a National Task Force on ‘Evolving Education Strategy’ was constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the Chairmanship of Dr K Kasturirangan. The Task force now has come up with its recommendations on overall issues with Geospatial Education in the country at School Level, University level, Training and outreach needs, need for high end research, and also the possibility of setting up of an institution for Geospatial education.

Dr. K Kasturirangan highlighted the salient points of the Report. He said that National Task Force has given a four-pronged recommendations on Geospatial Strategy which includes (i) School Geospatial Education Project (SGEP) led by the Department of School Education, MHRD; (ii) Geospatial University Networking Project (GUNP) led by the Department of Higher education, MHRD; (iii) Geospatial Training and Outreach Project (GTOP) led by Department of Science & Technology (DST); and (iv) National Institute of Geospatial Knowledge, Engineering and Management (NGKEM) led by MHRD and DST. He further mentioned that a high-level management council is also recommended with Minister, MHRD as Chair and Member (Science), Planning Commission as Co-chair, with various Secretaries as Members and experts as Members, for guiding and supervising the implementation of recommendations.

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