Maya in-Studio Training facility launched in Mumbai

Mumbai: Maya Digital Studios’ much anticipated In-Studio Training facility, MIST, was launched at their Mumbai Studio on Saturday 11th August 2012. Under their new initiative, MIST, the company will provide an advanced training based on Studio Ready Training Modules with employment at Maya’s studio facilities in Mumbai & Goa for budding professionals into this vibrant industry.

Maya says that it has designed special Studio Ready Training Modules which train you not merely in theory but give you the practical experience of working on live projects. Each training module has been structured in a manner that will bring the best of artists creativity and channelize the energies in a manner that will help perform and deliver the best within an actual studio environment. Thus, they are referred to as Studio Ready Training Modules.

One learns an entire gamut of skills required in the Animation, 3D Stereoscopy & Digital Visual Effects Industry. The

Aruna Kumar, Head of MIST & Studio Operations Goa

aim is to stimulate you to develop critical judgment, sound research skills and an ability to think creatively while handling pressures and time frames.

The training Modules are dynamic and constantly upgraded to meet the industry requirements, states the company.

On the occasion of the launch of MIST, Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – Maya stated, “With MIST we are all set to fill the gap that exists between Animation & Visual Effects training and the studio environment. We often get software trained professionals who aren’t studio ready and training them separately leads to a decrease in production efficiency. With MIST, our focus is to bring in that efficiency in the operations of the studios right from the beginning.”

“The intention is to create the human resource ecosystem that will drive the future of this industry”, adds Deepa Sahi, Co-founder & Director – Maya said, “Our focus at Maya has always been on artists and with MIST we want to generate a pool of studio-trained, advance-skilled professionals who will drive the future growth of this industry.”

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