Thapar University international conference discusses ‘Changing paradigms in business and behavioral sciences’

Thapar University, ranked among India’s leading engineering institutions, conducted a two-day international conference on “Changing perspectives and paradigms in business and behavioral sciences”, in which delegates from various countries, including USA, Iran, Mexico and Germany, participated.
In all, 39 papers were presented at the conference, which was conducted by the School of Behavioural Sciences and Business Studies, Thapar University, on wide-ranging themes like business ethics, work-life balance; green banking, corporate social responsibility, stock market volatility, knowledge management, business sustenance, human resources and marketing.

“Human mind is complex and these complexities make us do things the way we do them. An understanding of the human mind and the changing perspectives and paradigms in business is critical to success,” said Dr Dheeraj Sharma of IIM-Ahmedabad, the keynote speaker. Inviting people to explore why they consume the way they do, Dr Sharma said today’s youth need to develop a perspective by reading books. “As the entire world operates on trust and sentiments, researchers should also explore these areas,” he added.

Dr Ravi Kiran, Head and Professor, School of Behavioural Sciences and Business Studies, Thapar University, said that due to globalization, there was a sea change in the way business was conducted. “New rules and regulations with stronger intellectual property rights (IPR) norms and removal of restrictions on trade have given rise to a new order,” she said.

Thapar University Director Dr Prakash Gopalan talked about the importance of leadership in taking the world forward. He said experts need to constantly follow the changing dynamics of the business environment.
Thapar University Deputy Director Dr KK Raina stressed on innovation and creation of new business models as the key to success.

Dr DP Goyal, Professor, Information Management and Dean, Executive Graduate Programmes, highlighted the changing perspectives of business in relation to information technology.

Dr Padmakumar Nair, Director, LM Thapar School of Management; Dr Rajender Kumar, Professor and Head, NIT, Kurukshetra; and Dr Kanwaljeet Singh, Director, Computer Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala, also spoke at the conference.

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