Ayur manthan 2014 Maha ayurved youth festival

R.A Podar Madial college & Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. Presents “Ayur manthan 2014” Maha ayurved youth festival.
Overview – It’s a inter college competition based on ayurved knowledge.
Total Colleges participated – 36
Total participants – 196
Total Competions – 5 As follow

Ayurmanthan 2014 – Ayerveda Medical college students participate in Ayurchef compition at Podar Ayurvedic College

1. Naipunya – Ayurvedic essay competition followed by power point presentation.

2. Yoga Competition – students of ayurved have participated. They will be asked to perform yogasana, pranayam etc.

3. Shlok smrut – In this competition shloks are are asked by experts

4. Ayurchef – In this competition more than 15 teams have participated. Healthy & delicious dishes are prepared by Ayurvedic students these delicacies are then judged by experts based on their taste & ayurvedic principle used

5. Dhanvanatri staran – Each & every college has its unique way of singing dhanvantari stavan. 15 teams have participated in this event.

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