Abhyasa Public is Andhra’s No.2 Co-Ed Residential – Education World India School Rankings 2013

Hyderabad’s Abhyasa Residential Public School ranked Andhra Pradesh’s No.2 Co-Ed Residential School in the Education World India School Rankings 2013. The EW India School Rankings 2013 is based on the responses/opinions of a carefully selected sample of 5,779 SECA (Socio-Economic Category A) parents, teachers, principals and eminent educationists across 18 cities countrywide. The Survey is Commissioned by Education World, India’s pioneer education news and analysis(monthly) magazine with over one lakh readers country wide.

The Award “Education World—India School Ranking-2013” was formally presented to its Founder Principal Mr. Vinaayak Kalletla in a just concluded special function held at Crystal Ballroom in The Lalit, New Delhi.

In this survey, the country’s over 600 top schools (selected by Education World) have been rated on 14 parameters—academic reputation, co-curricular activities, sports education, teacher welfare and development, individual attention to students, competence & commitment of faculty, life skills & conflict management education, value for money, leadership/management quality, parental involvement in school activities, infrastructure provision, community service, internationalism and special needs education.

The results of the EW India School Rankings 2013 is featured as the Cover Story in the September issue of EducationWorld.

The survey has been conducted by the Delhi-based C fore Consulting — one of India’s top market research and opinion polling companies with a client list including Reliance, Tata, NDTV and Outlook.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vinayak Kalletla, Founder Principal of the school said the school focuses on all round moulding of students through a Residential Gurukul form of schooling. Students from India and abroad choose Abhayasa, because of this reason, he said.

A bird is good at flying, a fish is good at swimming and a monkey is good at climbing trees… Without any schooling at all… But what differentiates a human being from these animals is that a Man and a Woman can climb like a monkey, swim like a fish, fly like a bird and also create like the creator- provided he/ she is trained in all the life skills… Abhyasa is doing just that! …. Inspired by the ideals of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has done yeoman service to Mankind, Abhyasa is imbuing human values and social responsibility among her students – for – after all – even for those who feel that education is for employability – No organisation can just hire Hands and Heads to work for them ! They get a complete human being along with his/ her emotions, character, attitudes that influence their work, added Mr. Vinayak Kalletla.


  1. In India there are many good schools developed in previous few years. Children really need new technology and system to grow. It is really good that Abhyasa Public is announced Andhra’s No.2 Co-Ed Residential – Education World India School Rankings 2013. Thanks for sharing information.


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