First Junior Model United Nations Conference in INDUS School on Oct 24 – 26, 2013

INDUS International School has been approved by the United Nations Information Centre to host a local, junior Model United Nations Conference (IISHJMUN) with grades 6-9 students as delegates at their campus in Shankarpalli, Hyderabad. US Consul General Michael Mullins will open the 2 day event which begins on October 24 and ends on October 26.

“It is very different, unique, and will showcase our students’ leadership skills at the younger level never done before in the past.” Omkar Joshi, Principal of Indus International School, Hyderabad said.

Indus Mun 2013

Indus Mun 2013

IISHJMUN is one of the first of its kind, to have the concept of using the districts of Hyderabad, instead of the standard use of countries. Some of the topic that will highlight the conference are about Lake Protection, Rock Formation & Ecology, Economic Disparity and Slum Issues, Hyderabad Growth Corridor Project, Waste management and Heritage Conservation

“We have taken a rather unorthodox approach. It is really a fantastic opportunity for young graders of our age to debate on really important things which concern each one of us says Cameron Sand a junior at Think Global School, and Secretary General, Junior MUN Conference. Chair Committee students Samantha and Hannah say it is a great opportunity for us to learn a great deal about each other’s perspectives about what can be done to enhance living around us. Overall, the Model UN conference will be a great way for students to learn about current events and practice their public speaking and debate skills,” ,” said IISH student Karan who is part of the conference Chair committee.

The key feature of INDUS MUN is young delegates from over 10 schools will get opportunity to network and get to know each other and listen US Consul General Michael Mullins special address about MUN. Besides the intense debate on topics that is focused on LOCAL the 2 day event will also have performances and entertainment by young delegates.

At the MUN conferences, students learn to:

- research and understand important regional problems;
- compose and deliver speeches;
- write formal proposals for getting good ideas to work;
- work with new friends in teams;
- debate in English;
- think on our feet and respond to challenges fast;
- come to agreements by voting and accepting majority decisions.

Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity held in schools all around the world, where students simulate the real United Nations. It is usually held for one or more days. JMUN is a unique event since it is organized for middle-school students and run by high-school students.

Indus International School, has three branches in the three major cities of India namely Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

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