Viva Group to host Maharashtra’s first Microsoft Ed-Vantage Platinum Campus

Mumbai: Viva Group of Institutions will implement Microsoft India’s Ed-vantage program in its campus. The program provides a platform for corporate houses to hire high-caliber Microsoft Technology Certified Students from colleges for internship and employment. Ed-vantage allows for the facilitation of industry connections for eligible students.

Viva Group of Institutions, a pioneer in industry-embedded education, is Microsoft’s first Ed-vantage PLATINUM Campus in the state of Maharashtra.

In another first for this region, Microsoft will also collaborate with Viva Group of Institutions to host a Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), a state-of-the-art technology facility for innovative research, technology, and software solutions. This will be achieved through a combination of academic, government, and industry participants.

Microsoft Ed-Vantage, launched in October 2012 in India aims to consolidate and enhance the benefits to both academic institutions and students who are leveraging well-established Microsoft programs like Campus Agreements, IT Academy, DreamSpark, Imagine Cup, Student2Business, Microsoft Innovation Centers, etc., that provide the right software tools to infuse the academic ecosystem with expertise, skills, opportunities and infrastructure. Microsoft Innovation Centers, act as innovation hub at select colleges and technology institutions, providing incubation and expert hands-on support on Microsoft technology innovation, research, and software solutions, aimed at creating a pool of student technology experts across India. This program’s primary focus is to make students more employable and equip them with skills relevant to industry needs. It is designed to help eligible academic campuses and their students connect with various organizations in Indian industry, thereby creating a platform for the students to explore internship and employment opportunities.

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