Skillsoft Launches Mainframe Technology Courseware in India

Skillsoft, in partnership with Interskill Learning, today introduced a portfolio of elearning courseware on mainframe technology in India. This specialist elearning collection provides the full range of formal and on-demand learning courses designed to help address the needs of organizations that leverage mainframe computing.

Commenting on the new courseware, Vinay Pradhan, Country Manager –India, Skillsoft, said, “The Indian IT industry has a significant focus on providing mainframe services to global companies. We have formed a partnership with Interskill, a leading provider of mainframe elearning content, to help address the gap in availability of this courseware in India. This portfolio of courseware will be hosted and delivered on Skillsoft’s Skillport platform, thus giving a uniform experience to our customers.”

Although considered to be a legacy technology, mainframes continue to remain a primary and strategic business platform for most organizations globally. They play a central role in the daily operations of large corporations across the banking, finance, health care, insurance, utilities and government sectors. The workforce, therefore, needs instant access to high quality training on a broad array of mainframe and mainframe related topics. Up-skilling of the workforce has the potential to save organizations time and money, minimizing errors, thus resulting in higher output.

The Interskill collection is the computing industry’s only mainframe elearning curriculum and consists of a comprehensive and up-to-date set of over 200 courses representing over 1,000 hours of elearning courseware. These courses are interactive and help the learner in authentic activities designed to motivate, engage and produce quantifiable change.