Neha Dhupia’s message on P&G Shiksha Children’s Day outreach

India celebrated Children’s Day yesterday and Neha Dhupia who has been associated with P&G Shiksha for over two years had expressed her love for education on this auspicious day.


Neha Dhupia With a child at Walk for the Love of Shiksha

Neha Dhupia With a child at Walk for the Love of Shiksha

Neha Dhupia-


“I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy International Children’s Day! My personal belief is that the future of our country is dependent on empowering the children of our nation with the access to education! This is why I am proud to be associated with P&G Shiksha. Having personally visited P&G Shiksha schools, it is truly inspiring to see the positive real world impact this program is having on the lives of these under privileged children. On this International Children’s’ Day, let’s get together & make the dream of providing quality education to more and more children a reality by supporting this cause.”


About P&G Shiksha initiative:

Realizing the importance of providing education to lesser privileged children, P&G Shiksha has transformed the lives of more than 4, 20, 000 children and built and supported more than 220 schools across the length and breadth of the country.  P&G Shiksha aims to provide accessibility of quality education to even the most remote villages in our country and strives to touch the lives of each and every child in the country.