National School of Leadership gives a dose of quantum mechanics to Agra Police

Agra Police personnel got a dose of quantum mechanics in nurturing their leadership psyche while they went through National School of Leadership’s AXELL. Empowering every individual officer with the leadership mindset to protect the land of the Taj Mahal, Gates ETH Foundation conducted NSL’s AXELL for over 300 police personnel on September 16, 2013 at the Agra Police headquarters.

The increasing pace of social change has led to ever-increasing pressures on those tasked with policing it, and has brought with it a plethora of stresses, making it increasingly challenging for police personnel to function to the best of their abilities – but not anymore. It should not be a cause for surprise if one now sees the Agra Police functioning even more efficiently and effectively than before – because they now have a distinct advantage over many other police forces.

In a unique initiative aimed at enabling police officers and personnel to better manage their professional requirements and optimise their productivity, the National School of Leadership, Pune, India’s first institute focused exclusively on leadership education, in collaboration with the Gates ETH Foundation, conducted a workshop on AXELL – National School of Leadership’s Quantum Physics-driven model of personal and professional leadership. The programme is designed by Prof. Chinmoy Sarkar and was conducted by renowned life coach and motivational speaker, Col. Aalok Sood.

Speaking on the development, Shalabh Mathur, Senior Superintendent of Police, Agra, said, “In the conduct of its duties, the Agra Police takes pride in being thoroughly professional and highly efficient – and this programme is a part our deep commitment to the service, by making every effort possible to enable ourselves to innovate further on how we function. The AXELL workshop has been highly beneficial in this regard, as it has given us great insights into how we can manage the stresses associated with a policeman’s duties, and to keep ourselves motivated to function at our peak capacities.”

Speaking on his interactions with the participating personnel, Col. Aalok Sood remarked, “It is very easy to believe that policemen are trained for and equipped to handle the work that they do – and as such, we end up ignoring the fact that they are human beings just like us, with the same virtues and limitations. It is therefore essential to assist these men and women in leading their lives and careers in the most fulfilling manner, as they rightly deserve. The workshop has been an eye-opener to me in understanding the nature of duties that the police force is responsible for, and it has been a great experience interacting with the police personnel present for the workshop.”

Dr. Satasuryaa, Chairman of NSL claimed, “The National School of Leadership takes national development as its core responsibility. We would keep innovating such scientifically guided models for many more to benefit from. Any organization with national interest wishing to nurture their leadership skills can reach out to us. We are there to stand by them in making a difference.”

The workshop focused on many stress management techniques that the police personnel could adopt with ease, as well as many means and methods for self-motivation, which could help them enhance their professional skills as well as their personal outlook to their duties. The session was highly interactive, with discussions on multiple topics such as Human Emotional Drivers, Keys to the Human Behaviour, Human Psychological Make-Up, Responsibility and Contribution, and Optimising Potential, among many others.

NSL’s AXELL is a model designed through extensive research into quantum mechanics by eminent scientist in quantum mechanics, Prof. Chinmoy Sarkar, who is also Dean at the National School of Leadership. The research was conducted and proven at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, and is aimed at optimizing efficiencies across levels for individuals and organizations alike. This research was funded by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

The workshop was inaugurated by Shalabh Mathur, SSP, along with the office bearers of Gates ETH Foundation, Anshum Anand and Ambrish Pathak.

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