ICSE schools across Tamil Nadu to participate in the ASISC National School Sports Championship

RESPECT, a nationwide sporting event for schools, conducted by SportsMentor and The Association of Schools for Indian School Certificate (ASISC) is now in Tamil Nadu.

Over 1300 students from ICSE schools across Tamil Nadu will take part in the championship which was inaugurated on the 19th of September ’13 and is on till the 30th of September at Stanes School, Coimbatore. Students from all parts of Tamil Nadu will compete in eight sporting disciplines namely – Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Hockey and Swimming – with the talented youngsters being adopted into a long term training program with an aim to prepare them for the 2018 Youth Olympics and other international events.

RESPECT 2013 brings students from across 11 regions in India to participate in a sporting extravaganza which will entail championships across eight sports events. SportsMentor, an organisation pioneering in providing scientific Sports Education programs for school children in India has tied up with the Association of Schools for Indian School Certificate (ASISC) for a five year period and the first edition of the Games with the national finals to be held in eight locations in November 2013.

SportsMentor’s flagship program, “The Balanced Report Card” (BRC) program is one such step in that direction. The BRC program is a sports education program designed for Indian school students by customizing aspects of sports physics, sports nutrition and sports physiology. It is developed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) founded AISTS ( International Academy of Sports Sciences and Technology), Lausanne, Switzerland.