Kartnatka’s Akash and MP’s Ashita bagged Gold medal at CBSE National Roller skating Championship 2013

Akash Raju of Karnataka and Ashita Khandelwal of MP stole the limelight at the CBSE National Roller Skating Championship 2013, winning gold medals in the boys and girls Under-19 category of 5000mts road race at the Ameya Classic International Roller Sports Centre, Virar on Saturday.

Held over 12 laps of the 425mt synthetic track, skaters are awarded points in each lap according to their finish position and those with the maximum points are declared winners.

Gurgaon’s Yogesh Pawar and Yuthika Khatri won silver medals & Chandigarh’s Shubham Agrawal and Karnataka Aarohi Bhide won bronze medals.

CBSE undre 19 winners

CBSE undre 19 winners

Following are the results:

Road race (in line) 5000 mts (16-19 years:Girls)

Girls: Ashita Khadelwal (MP)1, Yuthika Khatri (Gurgaon)2, Aarohi R Bhide (Karnataka)3.
Boys: Akash Raju (Karnataka)1, Yogesh Pawar (Gurgaon)2, Shubham Aggarwal(Chandigarh)3

Road Race Speed Skating Quads(6-8yearsBoys – 1000 Meter)

1st Prize: Avikshit Vishwanathan(TN -South Zone), -0:2:08:04

2nd Prize: Aayush Kapoor (Somerville School -North I Zone Noida) -02:08:18

3rd Prize: Narayan Tomar (D.A.V -North II Zone Haryana, Faridabad)0:2:11:62

Road Race Speed Skating Quads(6-8 yearsGirls – 1000 Meter)

1st Prize: Doyel S P(TN -South Zone), 02:15:02

2nd Prize: Arpitha N Shet (Karnataka -South Zone),02:15:79

3rd Prize:Tanmaya Deshpande (School Of Scholars Nagpur -West Zone)02:20:16

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 8-10years Boys – 1000 Meter)

1st Prize: B. Pranay Goud(Hallmark Public School -North I Zone Haryana),-1:58:92

2nd Prize: Sudharsan N (TN-South Zone), -2:00:07

3rd Prize:Parth Garg (Bal Bharti Public School -North I Zone Delhi)2:00:76

Road Race Speed Skating Quads(8-10years Girls – 1000 Meter)

1st Prize: Ananya N Gowda(Karnataka -South Zone), -2:02:65

2nd Prize: Kaushiki Sharma (R D Rajpal School -North I Zone New Delhi),-2:03:47

3rd Prize:Megha Bisht (Ryan International School -North II Zone Gurgaon Haryana)-2:10:38

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 10-12years Boys – 1500 Meter)

1st Prize: V. Anand Kumar(TN -South Zone),- 03:01:54

2nd Prize: Suryansh Sanklecha (TN -South Zone), -3:02:60

3rd Prize:Harshal Sharma (Vikhepatil Memorial School Pune -West Zone)-3:03:22

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 10-12years Girls – 1500 Meter)

1st Prize: B Sri Vidhya(AP -South Zone), -3:13:71

2nd Prize: Aditi Rao (Dav Public School Pune -West Zone), -3:14:21

3rd Prize:Prabhjot Kaur (Bhuda Dal Public School -North Zone Patiala)-3:14:50

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 12-14years Boys – 2000 Meter)

1st Prize: Vedant Sethi(DPS Bhopal -West Zone),- 4:22:67

2nd Prize: Deep Shah (Nirman High School Ahmedabad -West Zone),-4:23:51

3rd Prize:M. Rishab (TN -South Zone)-4:23:78

Road Race Speed Skating Quads ( 12-14years Girls – 2000 Meter)

1st Prize: Preksha B. N. S(South Zone), -4:26:70

2nd Prize: Jassica Kadyan (BalBharti Public School Dwarka -North I Zone), – 4:27:23

3rd Prize:Komal Pal (Brahmanand -North II Zone Haryana Karnal)- 4:27:66

Road Race Speed Skating Quads(14-16years Boys – 3000 Meter)

1st Prize: M C Subbaiah (Karnataka – South Zone), -10:37:15

2nd Prize: Sonu Ganesh M (Karnataka -South Zone), -10:37:83

3rd Prize:Ayush Gaha (St.Joseph Co-Ed School Bhopal -West Zone)-10:38:06

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 14-16years Girls – 3000 Meter)

1st Prize: Aishwarya A Mathew (Presidency School – South Zone),- 7:03:47

2nd Prize: Arunima Yadav (City International School, Aundh -West Zone),-7:04:85

3rd Prize:Japreet Kaur (D. A. V. -North II Zone Patiala)-7:04:88

Road Race Speed Skating Quads( 16-19years Boys – 3000 Meter)

1st Prize: Arshpreet Singh(Pratap Public School – North II Zone), 7:12:93

2nd Prize: Mohit Singh (P K R Public School -North I Zone Haryana), 7:19:14

3rd Prize:Kartik Sadvij (Navy Children School Goa -West Zone)7:19:31

Road Race Speed Skating Quads(16-19years Girls – 3000 Meter)

1st Prize: Chesta Mundeja(St. Theresa Convent – North II Zone Karnal, Haryana), 8:19:08

2nd Prize: Shikha Nair (St Joseph Co-Ed School, MP -West Zone), 8:20:01

3rd Prize: S. Devi (Andhra Pradesh -South Zone)8:21:47


Road race(In Line)(2000mts 6-8 Years-Girls)

1st Prize: Heeral Sadhu(Maxfort-North 1 )4:13:08

2nd Prize: Diya Chauhan(Ryan International Noida-East Zone)4:14:01

3rd Prize: Ishana Solanki(GD Goenka-North 1 Zone)4:14:40

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 6-8 Years-Boys)

1st Prize: Gedela Abhishek Chandra(Andhra Pradesh-South Zone)3:56:46

2nd Prize: Rudraksh Dubey-(DPS Bhopal-West Zone)3:40:39

3rd Prize: Sreen Girish Prasad(Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Pune West Zone)4:03:25

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 8-10 Years-Girls)

1st Prize: Shika Rai(Lotus Valley International School-East Zone Noida)3:53:45

2nd Prize: Mitali Sharma(Adarsh public School-North 1 Zone New Delhi)3:56:58

3rd Prize: Mallaika Chauhan(Amity International School-North 2 Zone Gurgaon)3:56:64

Road Race(In Line) 2000mts 8-10 Years-boys)

1st Prize: Shubh Gupta(Indira National School, Pune West Zone)3:45:49

2nd Prize: Tanai Shah (DPS Ahmedabad- West Zone)3:47:03

3rd Prize: Neerati Bhuvanesh(Andhra Pradesh-South Zone)3:47:22

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 10-12 Years-girls)

1st Prize: Zynapreet(DPS School-North 2)3:40:27

2nd Prize: Amulya Nanda(R N Podar,Mumbai-West Zone)3:46:10

3rd Prize: Pratima Prakash Sangaonkar(Kolhapur Public School-West Zone)3:46:19

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 10-12 Years-boys)

1st Prize: Mohamed Harris(Tamil Nadu-South Zone)4:26:27

2nd Prize: Ritwik Chawla(The Heritage School-North 2 Gurgaon)4:32:75

3rd Prize: Aarsh Mehatni(Bhavan Vidyalaya-North 1 Zone Panchkula)4:28:28

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 12-14 Years-girls)

1st Prize: Amreen Khan(Andhra Pradesh-South Zone)05:30:71

2nd Prize: Tirtha Subaiah(Karnataka-South Zone)05:31:19

3rd Prize: Prakriti Saxena(Pragati Public School-North 1 Zone New Delhi)05:38:07

Road Race(In Line)2000mts 12-14 Years-boys)

1st Prize: Nihal Shaikh(Bright Day School-Vadodara-West Zone)8:07:65

2nd Prize: Hrithik Karadi(Karnataka-South Zone)8:08:03

3rd Prize:Shrut Bhayani P(Tamil Nadu-South Zone)8:08:25

Road Race(In Line)5000mts14 -16Years-girls)

1st Prize: Muskcaan Chauhan(Amity International School – North 2 Gurgaon ) 11:47:11

2nd Prize: Tejasvini KR (Karnataka – South Zone)11:48:84

3rd Prize: Seeliya Simmith(Karnataka – South Zone)11:48:95

Road Race(In Line)5000mts14 -16Years-Boys)

1st PrizeAbdul Zaheer Khan (Andhra Pradesh – South Zone)9:31:36

2nd Prize: Anudeep Reddy Kethi Reddy (Andhra Pradesh – South zone)9:33:18

3rd Prize: Ansh Pathak (DAV Public School – North 1 Delhi)9:33:19

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