Indian Idol Academy for music

Indian Idol Academy is a joint initiative between FremantleMedia, 19 Entertainment (a division of Core Media Group) and KarmYog Media & Arts Education Network (KY-MEDIA).

The first Indian Idol Academy will launch in October 2013 in Ahmedabad as a part of the nationwide roll-out of learning ‘junctions’ in multiple cities across India including Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune and Mumbai.

The Academy will offer a variety of learning programs including a Music Learning Festival which will be followed by a three-month Music Discovery Course. For those wishing to go even further, there is a six-month Talent Development course, followed by a unique Learning from the Legends.

OmniDELTM, a powerful approach to learning pioneered and developed by Shri sourabh J. sarkar, the education visionary and the founder of KarmYog group of institutions, forms the backbone of the Academy. This approach engages the body, praana, mind and spirit of the learner using both group learning in workshops as well as individual learning and practice using an integrated platform of technology and rich multimedia. The curriculum and expertise is being sourced from legends from the world of music who will also engage with learners along with the tutelage of trained music-mentors on a regular basis. A fully equipped Mega-Junction along with a group of Micro-Junctions in each city will provide the local support to this click-&-mortar education model.

The fee structure of the academy is flexible and uniquely banded across courses for learners at various levels. The Indian Idol Academy is developing a programme to offer places to exceptionally talented individuals who otherwise do not have access to training of such high value.


  1. ashwani kumar says:

    excellent initiative

  2. Archana bhandari says:

    This is a very great academy which is giving a chance for the learners those who cannot learn properly i m also eager to join i have already registered in this academy but did not received any message


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