Education is of two kinds – Structured & Unstructured – Prof. Uday B. Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad

Go for excellence and success will follow you. Do your homework and you are bound to be successful in life said Prof. Uday B. Desai, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad addressing students at Rockwell International School’s Annual Day Celebrations at Shilpakala Vedika, Madhapur on Saturday night. Homework meaning not just your textbooks and lessons but in a larger context, he added. He expressed his happiness on knowing the school provides an opportunity for its every student to take part in the celebrations. Education is of two kinds, one that is learnt in class i.e. structured education and one is what you learn outside i.e. unstructured education. Taking part in the program gives the students unstructured education which will serve them in life. Students learn to coordinate with each other, learn to work as a team etc., Prof. Desai said.

On the occasion of its Annual Day Rockwell International School presented Rockwell’s 2013 – Guru Shishya Parampara Award to K. Rama Chary, Singer, Music Composer, Music Teacher and his Shishya M. Pradeep Kumar (popularly known as Deepu), Playback Singer. The award was presented by Mr. Jayaprakash Rao, former Principal, Rishi Valley School, who helped setup Curriculum at Rockwell along with Mr. Subash Boda, Chairman and Managing Director, Rockwell International School. Also present on the occasion were Mrs. Manija Subrahmaniam, Principal, Rockwell International School and Mr. Mahesh Bigala.

Speaking immediately after being presented the Guru Shishya Parampara Award Music Composer & Teacher K. Rama Chary said that to honour Guru is rare these days. Only stars are given awards, but the Guru who is behind the success and who has struggled is forgotten. Behind the success of any individual there are parents and Teacher (Guru). Seeing all the students and teachers, he recalled his days as a Music Teacher at a city school. I would like to a teacher in every janma (birth), Rama Chary said.

Reacting on the occasion Playback Singer Deepu said that whatever he is today and whatever he has achieved is because of his Guru. This award is a very special award for me and it is a precious moment for me today and I thank Rockwell International School for this, Deepa said. K. Rama Chary and Deepu sang a few lines of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Swarale… for the audience.

Rockwell International School revived and first started this tradition two years back and honoured All England Badminton Champion Padma Sri Pullela Gopichand and P.V. Sindhu, National Badminton Players with Guru Shishya Award. Last year to Padmashri Dr. Shobha Naidu, Principal, Kuchipudi Art Academy and her Shishya Ms. Usha Vinod, Kuchipudi Dancer & Teacher were honoured said Mr. Subash Boda.

The award is a tribute to an everlasting bond between a mentor and his / her student. Though it is old tradition, we want to make this tradition of Guru-Shishya live by presenting award to the most deserving and inspiring Guru-Shishya duo in different fields every year, Subash Boda said.

Mrs. Manija Subrahmaniam, Principal gave the School Report. The evening saw performances by students dressed in colourful attires. Students enthralled with their Cultural Performances like You are Special, Jugalbandi, Africa Djole, Who Laughs Last, Thillana, Dandiya, Hailessa, Live Orchestra, Candy Man, Gummy Bear, Shik Shak Shok, Robomania, etc. The hall reverberated with claps as parents, grandparents and family members encouraged the children. Performance of tiny tots dressed in bright colours dancing cutely was appreciated very well by the audience. The Live Orchestra by the students dressed neatly in black and white with Keyboards, Violins, Guitars, Drums and Bonga enthralled the audience.

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