Click exchange can help you build quickly your home business!

Update: August 25th, 2015

Click exchange programs have become very popular among webmasters, because they are simple to use, and promise to help you build quickly your Home Business.

What are click exchange programs for?

You know that you can have the nicest web site on the Internet, but if no one visits it, it’s worthless. So YOU HAVE TO pull on visitor to your site! And click exchange programs have being created to give you visitors, that’s why they are so popular.

They start with the idea that everybody needs visitors, and that many people just spend plenty of time wandering around the web, searching information or just having fun with the surf, so the idea is to merge this two things together.

In a click exchange program for each page that a participant visits, someone else will visit his. So people get traffic doing what they would have done anyhow: “surf the web”. The idea to say in a phrase is:

“Visit my site, and I will visit yours”

That sound good isn’t it?…

But how much result can you expect from a click exchange program?

Most members members of the click exchange programs, try to push their get rich quick scheme or advertise some kind of MLM program that pays commissions to them if they join new members, or find people that purchase something.

The best way to know if they not just talk the talk, but walk the walk is to join a couple of good programs like:

Click Through: http://newsletter.easy-home- iLoveClicks: WebmasterQuest: http://newsletter.easy-home- Trading Clicks: Free Credits: http://newsletter.easy-home-

The truth is that as most of the click exchange program members, join them only to get clicks to their own websites, most of them will visit your site just to earn a click to theirs, but this is a number’s business and a percentage WILL browse your offer!

If we compare click exchange programs with other traffic generating methods, you will find that…

When visitors come to a site through high quality targeted traffic, you might expect that 80% or more of them will take the time to browse through multiple pages of your site..

In Click Exchange programs, the audience consists of webmasters that want traffic for their sites, and they even spend some time in front of the computer, in order to look for it. So they are un-targeted traffic that tend to vanish in 30 seconds (possibly 50% or more of those visitors will belong to more than one click exchange program).

Let’s make some numbers…

In click exchange programs you must visit each web site for not less than 20 seconds If you visit 2.5 per minute, you can visit 150 places each hour That’s 3000 places in 20 days That’s 12000 visits a month if you surf 4 click exchange programs at the same time

As occasionally the same person will be sent to your site by the different click exchange programs, suppose that only 80% of those visitors are unique visitors, that’s 9,600 visits to your site each month

If only 3% of those visitors will be really interested in browsing your site you might have 288 interested visitors each month for working one hour a day with click exchange programs If 1 from every 10 of this visitors become a free member of your MLM you will have 28.8 free members each month for working 1 hour a day

If you spend $ 28 dollars on advertising your site in a PPC search engine, you would most probably receive a similar result. Is it worth the trouble? Would you rather work or pay? I’ll let you decide.


Sign up with at least four programs (do it with 5 or 6, just in case some of them are out of work on a given day), this way you will maximize the amount of click exchange you can get in an hour.

Use them all at the same time, so by the time you finish clicking the button to visit the next site on your last open click window, the first one should be ready for you to click again Create a page where you are going to direct the visitors you’ll receive. Remember that they are in a hurry to read long texts, so the page where the traffic from click exchange programs is directed to, should be simple and go straight to the point.

Use a very large heading and a brief explanation about the benefits you offer.

Ensure that your web site loads up fast. Don’t use big graphics or shockwaves

Your content or offering has to have appeal to people that already are in a MLM program

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the author: Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: If you already have, or are looking for an Internet Home Business, you can’t miss the free knowledge that you’ll receive at his site.

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What’s The Lowdown On Variable Universal Life Insurance?

Update: August 26th, 2015

If permanent insurance with flexible premiums and options is important to you, you’ll want to choose a variable universal life insurance policy. This type of policy combines features of universal life insurance with investment options, so you have the potential for a larger death settlement than you would have with an ordinary policy. It is called a variable universal life insurance, because your investments and premiums are not fixed. They are variable because they depend on the current market conditions.

Variable universal life insurance has advantages over other life insurance policies, such as Globe Life Insurance or whole life insurance. With this type of life insurance you get to play the stock market and choose the investment funds where you want to put your money. With universal life insurance on its own, you can’t control how your cash value is invested. When you combine it with variable life insurance, you can switch investments two or three times a year if you wish to get a higher life insurance settlement.

As with 30 year term life insurance and others, you do have a guaranteed death benefit. This amount could rise drastically if you have the right investments with a variable universal life insurance. The amount of the cash settlement varies, so that you could have lots of money one day and the minimum life insurance settlement the next.

The life insurance cost associated with variable universal life insurance is higher than other types. However, along with this comes the advantage that you have a tax shelter. The money you make through investments will not be taxed until you cash in the policy. The monthly premium you pay also varies, depending on market conditions. This may not appeal to you if you are on a fixed income and have to budget for the premiums.

Variable Universal life insurance is not for everyone. If you want to make sure that there is a death benefit to protect your family in the event of your death, then maybe you should look at a 30 year life insurance or ask for a whole life insurance quote. This way your money is guaranteed and you don’t run the risk of losing it. The way market conditions are operating today, the many falls seem to indicate that the cash value of the life insurance policies are falling as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Variable universal life insurance gives you choices.

About the author: For a website totally devoted to Life Insurance visit Peter’s Website Life Insurance Answers at and find out about Life Insurance as well as Cheap Life Insurance at and more, including Online Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance and Life Insurance Agents.

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