A Smarter Way To Invest

Update: August 16th, 2015

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Statistics show that nearly 95% of our fellow citizens

will retire at or below the poverty line by the age of 65.

These people will be dependant on friends, family and the

Federal Government for financial support.

If ours is the land of opportunity, why does this

startling reality exist? The answer can be traced back to

our upbringing.

From our early years we are taught that the correct path

in life is to go to school, get good grades, and get a

“secure” j.o.b (Just Over Broke) with benefits. Sound


And let’s face it folks, you won’t ever get rich working

for someone else! With “Job Security” a thing of the past,

thousands of people are looking for alternative ways to

make money.

Real estate investment continues to be one of the largest

wealth creation tools in America. It remains one of the

fastest and proven ways to amass a fortune, and more

importantly, once you understand the basics, almost anyone

can do it.

Incredible profits can and are being made by purchasing

run down homes and improving their value with a quick

makeover. The strategy is quite simple: Buy a run down

home below market value (wholesale), fix it up, and sell it

for full retail price.

Newcomers to this field are advised to devote considerable

time to research and study. Before you test the waters,

there are four factors that you should consider:

1. You must know something about remodelling and get an

idea of how much it will cost to get the house back into

shape. Consider what you will be able to do yourself and

what it will cost if you have to have it done.

2. The location and design of the home are two of the most

important factors to consider. Study the neighborhood,

shopping and transportation facilities.

3. You make your profit when you buy. Therefore, you must

learn how to calculate your ideal purchase price.

4. You should always finance the project in the most

inexpensive way and use very little if any of your own


Why is it a smarter way to invest? Traditional buy and

hold is too slow for my liking. Buying a home and relying

on the market to go up is one of the riskiest ways of

investing that I know of. I call it the buy and hope


I prefer a method that will give me my profits up front,

and any increase in value from market forces should be seen

as a bonus.

Still not convinced? Well, here are another four powerful

reasons why:

1. Fast track your capital growth: The biggest advantage

of the buy, fix-up and hold strategy is that you can make

instant capital gains of 10 to 30 per cent over and above

any gains made from market forces.

2. Make $100,000 plus per annum: If your objective is to

buy, fix-up and sell, then a six-figure income is not out

of the question. The equation is quite simple really: Five

properties flipped at a $20,000 profit each equals $100,000!

3. Sack your boss: Depending on your financial

circumstances, you may be in a position to generate enough

income and stop working full time.

4. Get a life: You have probably heard the saying that the

day you find a job that you love doing, is the day you stop

work. If, like me, you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and

getting your hands dirty, then this may be the greatest

career move that you make.

As you can see, fixing up old homes does have its

advantages over traditional strategies. Sure it may take

more work, and things don’t always go to plan. But as

anyone who is wealthy will tell you, their level of success

has a direct relationship with the effort they put in.

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