How To Start A Legal Courier Service Business

Update: August 23rd, 2015

The legal industry can provide great business to a courier company. Attorneys often use same day delivery services for transporting legal documents to and from offices , as well as courts. Legal professionals also use courier services for delivering last minute evidence to court rooms, which often is a last minute on demand or rush delivery service. These accounts can provide great income for a growing courier company and should be pursued aggressively.

A small local courier company can easily aquire these local legal offices and gain a nice income from them. The first step would be to publish a newsletter or brochure and have a sales representative personally introduce themselves to the owner and present the marketing papers. A personal introduction between local business can gain a great relationship of trust and word of mouth between other legal offices may increase your business with little effort at all.

If presenting your company in person is not your style, preforming monthly “mailers” can work just as well, either way you are “cold” selling, by meeting in person you have more of a chance to present your company and warming up the potential client, however, there is the risk of a bad presentation. A bad first impression can cause many negative effects, so simply mailing your marketing brochure to every local legal office a few times might just do the trick. The conversion rates are not as high as a in person meeting, but with some persistence they can be effective. A few mailers spread out over a few months could prove very effective.

The legal industry is a very good resource for the growing courier company. The best way to gain the account is dependable on which way you feel you can better represent your company to a potential customer. If you are not a salesmen or do not have a sales representive who is capable of handling such a task, a mailer is the right option for you. If you are personable and able to present yourself and your company well, by stopping by the office you will increase conversion rates and have a better chance of landing the account.

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