Are Canadian Pharmacy Online Services Safe?

There has been much ado lately about Canadian Pharmacy Online medications.

Everyone is concerned about the rising costs of prescription medication. As the

American public and particularly the "Baby Boomers" age, more medication is often

required to maintain quality of life and to control chronic illness. Many do not have

proper prescription drug insurance coverage.

The recent negative media pointed at Canadian Pharmacy mail order prescription

services has caused some people to be a little leery of them. Customs has on occasion,

confiscated medications crossing the border because required documentation was

missing or incorrect. Another issue with mail order services is that some do not supply

the identical medications. And of course there is always some rotten apple working the


Some people have turned to Asian mail order medication services only to learn that what

they received was the wrong medication or did not contain the correct dosage as

prescribed by their U.S. doctor. Asian and Mexican mail order medication services are

not governed by the same strict guidelines as those in the U.S. and those that control the

Canadian Pharmacy industry.

All is Not Lost Though

There are safe, cost-effective, legal mail order prescription services available. Here is

what to look for when selecting a Canadian Pharmacy service.

* Does the mail order service require your doctor provide proof, and do they confirm

the prescription with your doctor? * Does a licensed doctor (in the country providing the prescription) co-sign that

prescription once verified by your doctor? * Do the medications originate in a country known to provide identical medications as

those available in the United States, such as Canadian Pharmacy Online services

provide? * Does the mail order prescription service provide significant savings over U.S. drug

costs, like 30% or more? * Will the mail order company provide prompt service, making certain that all the

documentation to clear U.S. Customs is precise?

If you are considering a Canadian Pharmacy for some or all of your prescriptions and

they meet ALL of the above criteria, then you can save money and get medication you

can trust.

Most Americans today who use mail order medication services have found many

Canadian Pharmacy services that meet all the criteria above. These are reliable, safe and

cost-effective services. These Canadian Pharmacy services provide the identical

medications or generic equivalent, ensuring you receive precisely what is prescribed by

your doctor.

By using a Canadian Pharmacy Online prescription service, you can save as much as

30% or more. If you're considering Medicare Part D, Canadian Pharmacy savings can

be especially important because of the "donut hole" which makes amounts from $2150 to

$5100 your responsibility.

Using a Canadian Pharmacy mail order service can enhance your coverage on Medicare

Part D and help you avoid reaching that dreaded "donut hole".

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Author: Darwin Corby

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