How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Buying Any Property:

Update: August 20th, 2015

How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Buying Any Property: Become A Mortgage Broker.

Will Real Estate prices keep going up or will the bubble burst?

Who knows? Either way, real estate is a risky business. Tying up all that money and having very little liquidity can spell disaster for any investor.

In any hot market there are always ways to make money without taking any risk yourself.

Just look at Levi Strauss. He traveled west during the Gold Rush to make his fortune as a gold miner. But he found that it was harder than advertised. So instead he did the next best thing, he started selling to the miners. He sold them something they all needed – jeans! And he made his fortune without risk. In fact, many of the store owners in that area got rich selling to the people who had the “gold bug”

If you want to make money on the real estate boom, I suggest you sell to the people who have the “real estate bug”. The people who want to get in on the bull market and make a killing. Sell them something they all need- money!

You can do it just like I do, become a mortgage broker.

Become a mortgage broker and you can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping other who want to get rich quick in real estate.

There is very little cost to get started and no risk. When you become a mortgage broker, you can still keep your day job and work part-time while making a full time income.

In many states you don’t even need a license to become a mortgage broker. You can get started today!

There is more demand for mortgage brokers today than ever in history. And demand will continue to grow. The U.S. population continues to grow. Everyone wants the American Dream of owning their own house. If you become a mortgage broker you can make that dream come true for your fellow Americans.

If you want the cards stacked in your favor you should really look a little closer at the trends that give more reasons to become a mortgage broker.

– The U.S. Population is growing exponentially.

– Americans are saving less then ever before – if someone wants to buy a house, they have to borrow money. They have no choice. They must use your service.

– As home prices go up, so do mortgage broker commissions. The fees are a percentage of the loan amount.

– More and more people are buying second homes and vacation properties.

– Over 65% of people getting a loan use a mortgage broker instead of a bank.

When you become a mortgage broker and work part-time you can work from home and keep your day job. If the market goes up – great!. If the market goes down, people will be selling their homes and investors will be buying. These investors will need loans from you to buy. You make money either way.

You could also be a real estate agent. But you’d have to drive people around all day. Becoming a mortgage broker means you can sit in your office while people come to see you. There is no need for you to go anywhere.

After you become a mortgage broker, life will never be the same.

About the author: Ameen Kamadia, “The Millionaire Loan Officer” is a mortgage consultant, coach and trainer. He still does loans in his free time. To learn more about how to become a mortgage broker visit

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